Saturday, 1 April 2017

...bits and bobs

Hi everyone, well I said I'd try and sneak another post in, this is scheduled for April because I have posted every month since I started and didn't want to have nothing for my 'Gallery' this month. I'm sharing 4 cards and a couple of atc's.

I make and keep backgrounds for a reason, you just never know when one might be perfect....well that's the excuse for my huge stash and I'm sticking to it. This one was made with brayered acrylic IZINK a few years ago and just fitted the blooms perfectly.

I've long admired the flower making skills of Jennie Atkinson who has some wonderful tutorials. I noticed that she uses a spellbinders set by Tammy Tutterow quite a lot and so it's a recent purchase of mine. I've just used them flat...well slightly shaped but only one or 2 layers for this card as I wanted the centres to be made of these wonderful old buttons and visible.

I've used Khadi paper and sprayed it with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray in gorgeous teal colours which I then dabbled a bit of  Captain Peacock fresco paint into in. Once sprayed I laid stencils on top an let it dry before carefully peeling off, hope you can see the pattern it left. A little gold text embossing before die cutting.

I had some flowers left over so made this card using up some of my paper from where I experimented with 'mark making' , interesting how the background colour can change the tone of the flowers.

I added some gold hand stitching just to make it a little more special, after all it had only taken 2 minutes to assemble as everything was precut.

Next up I revisited my stitched babywipe leaves and petals. I added some more hand stitching and colour to the petals and it made for a modern CAS card.

These are some ATC's I made for the PaperArtsy stand at stitches in February using Lin Browns stamps and I'd forgotten I hadn't shared them.

This is a style I just keep going back to...

Lastly Lynne Perella and infusions that I'd already sneaky peeked but here it is as a finished card.

It's on glossy card which gives a softer effect which I rather like.

Thanks as always for stopping by and now I can say I'll be back in bloggy land next month. R x

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Home is where the heart is...

Hi everyone, I haven't had a lot of time to play in recent months and apart from some delicious dabbling with the new infusions I haven't sat down and just done something for fun for what seems like last journal page was over 6 months ago! Time to rectify that, and I have been inspired by a lot of the work and the introduction post for the current Paperartsy challenge 'Doors, Windows and Architecture'  so here is my journal page with architectural elements.

If I get the chance I love looking at architecture, older buildings with ornate work, some decaying and crumbling...or modern with smooth, clean lines. I struggle to walk past anything made from hewn stone, be it house or wall without touching it, especially if covered in moss....and might even take photographs of it....

So this particular house of my imagination has elements of my dream holiday place or retreat. I've used a mixture of Paperartsy and Crafty Individual stamps.

Infusions in 'Blackcurrant' and 'In the Navy' were used on the background and then overlaid in gold paint with one of my go to stencils. 

Home has always been where my heart is, it is my sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle ...peace and quiet so I can think...and of course create...the heart key seemed apt.

All the stamping was done in watering can archival and a little clear embossing added some texture that shows through the knocking back or 'whitewashing'...

Still on the architectural theme, I shared a snippet of this on instagram but here it is in full. Sometimes the randomness of using products like infusions can throw up backgrounds that just speak to you and need little adding. This was another background from the infusion post here and I just thought it looked like a stormy night.

A little Lynne Perella and stitching.

The splash of red just highlights the man in the door.

A gold posca pen just dotted and splashed adds gold highlights.

As I was in a card making mood it has been turned into one, I felt this font fitted the style best but not sure about the best wishes for someone just yet as it is a rather dramatic card...but you never know and I'm sure it will fit an occasion at some stage in the future!

The first 6 months of this year are pretty busy non craft wise and for lovely reasons....I might not be posting for a while unless I can sneak another one in soon, but I will definitely be back mid the mean time Happy crafting! Ruth xx

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Framed Botanical Print for PaperArtsy

Hi everyone I have a post over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight using some favourite products of mine for the current challenge theme 'Paint and Infusions'. Here's a sneaky peek...

...hop across for all the details here.

EDITED - thought I'd just share a  few more  close up details of the steps.

The frame before it's coat of varnish and treasure gold

The flowers - infusions, pearl glaze and stamping.

The watercolour effect with additional stamping in paint and infusions....

...I'm really pleased with how this turned out. R x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep! - Put a Bird On Stamps and Stencils

Hi everyone, it's time for the very talented Toni to set our challenge over at Stamps and Stencils this month. Without further ado here's what she has to say about it. 

'One of the joys, at this time of year, is to wake up to the glorious sound of birdsong. The challenge this month is in celebration of our fine, feathered, friends. We would love to see your mixed media projects, that include at least one bird. Whether it's a  journal spread, an assemblage or card, just make sure that a little dickie bird or birds, feature somewhere. Please don't forget to include stamping, or stenciling or even both! Can't wait to see your creations!'

When I was looking around for ideas and inspiration I came across the artwork of  Karyn Fendley please follow this link Inspiration from a Karyn Fendley print 'Song Bird 1', I loved the red and cream and the idea of cutting my own stencil/mask to try and recreate this seemed like a good challenge for me. This is my very amateur take on it. 

To start, I used a copyright free image to cut my stencil with the idea that I would mask areas off before I painted out areas. I glued some watercolour paper to an 8 x 8 plywood panel.

First coat of vanilla, yellow submarine and tangerine twist fresco paints roughly blended. I wanted to start light and build up lots of layers.

Stenciling and stamping in archival ink and paint, quite liked this stage but I couldn't be deviated from my original plan.

I know, even more layers...the idea being that whatever sections were visible there would be detail

Then to bring it all together, I used london bus over the whole area which is translucent. 

Some metallic red foil and gold embossing and I think it takes on an almost oriental look 

Next masking fluid using the stencil, once dry a slightly watered down coat of vanilla and chalk fresco paint, a couple of coats of this as I wanted to be able to see the underlying detail.

I used a maskaway eraser to reveal the quirky tree and bird. 

Not bad for a first attempt at several techniques?

Please hop across and see what my other teamies have created for you, they are all so talented!  I hope you'll be inspired to join in with this months challenge and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Infusions and a little rust...

Hi everyone, following on from my last post I've made a few cards using a mixture of Seth Apter and Lin Brown stamps. The first is all Seth's, I really liked the tag and star elements with script on them so I also created a little rust project and card following his monoprint technique that I was lucky enough to catch him demoing on periscope.

(I'm entering this card into the current  PaperArtsy challenge which is all about Infusions and Paint)

This is another print from a stencil, I've used Sleight Blue and Olive Tree on this one.

I used the edge of the star to make white lines with a sharpie.

The circle is the original piece of card I stencilled paint and sprinkled infusions through and the star is a piece of card swiped with infusions and paint. Using the same colours but in a different way helps the images stand out from the background.

Next I've used In the Navy, Green Man and yes Sleight Blue for a quick card.

I gessoed through a number stencil to create a resist before using infusions and then gently sanded back.

I added some crackle glaze to the numbers to help the tag stand out more, there is also a hint of treasure gold.

A piece of rusty fabric stamped with the hinge from a Lin Brown set, is tucked underneath, and I added in a rusted metal piece, black cotton and some robo die cuts.

It's great that you get the odd pop of pink or violet in places.

Next having seen this demoed I picked a piece of left over book board I had and was just going to have a play but couldn't really believe how easy and effective this was. You monoprint with paint from a piece of card.

Not sure if I pressed too hard or was using a very cheap piece of card to monoprint from at first..I changed to watercolour paper after the first disintegrated...but little blobs of paint appeared which I'm not sure were meant to...but I was happy.

This is the easiest rust I've ever made.

I added some home rusted paper clips...

...and a washer.

Next I had an idea for creating some rust in the centre of a card...Seth style, CAS and one layer??

I've used a mixed media paper containing cotton which gives a lovely ragged edge.

Some stitching and a little metallic finish it off.

 Thanks so much for stopping by again, I need to walk away from the infusions now...well just for a little bit!