Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wax Lyrical at Stamps and Stencils

Hi everyone, it's time for our next challenge at Stamps and Stencils and Sue is our lovely host....and we are playing with wax this month! Here in her own words is what she wants us to do.

' I have long been fascinated with the subject of Encaustic Artmelting wax to create many layers and trapping pieces of fibres and papers between the layers of melted wax just seems magical to me. So for this challenge I want to see some wax on your projects, whether it's just dribbled, melted and then stamped into or a wax embellishment as long as you include some stamping or stencilling the choice is yours !'

My first inspiration post at Stamps and Stencils was about wax and had some basic information you can refer to link here. This time I thought I'd try and explore wax on paper and the wonderful 'transparentizing' effect it can have. I thought this could be a good starting point without expensive supplies to tempt and inspire you to just dabble with your melt pot, a little beeswax and paper.

I made some eco leaf prints with autumn leaves last year which I hope to blog about it at some stage. I chose one of the pieces that I  thought could be enhanced with some stamping before coating with encaustic medium. Firstly I've added a lovely quote from one of  Alison Bomber's word plates.

Now some stamping to compliment what is already there.

When you first put the wax on it will sit on top. Fusing and another coat later it will start to sink into the paper. Normally you should have a solid heat resistant base such as wood or encaustic board; if I had made it on canvas it would sit on top and crack but handmade paper or good quality watercolour paper will absorb some of the wax and won't crack....unless you choose to crumple it up or fold it of course!

I've added a few drops of white encaustic medium. 

I also used a stencil and some gold leaf rubbed through it. If adding leaf metal or mica it must always be on the top layer if you want to keep the shine.

One of the things I love about encaustic are the depth of layers created and how the wax softens everything.

I'm hoping you can see the lovely sheen you get with encaustic when 'polished', I used a nylon pop sock to buff it.

The frame is painted with chalk fresco and a touch of treasure gold and moss green ink. I used a double sided tape sheet to stick the paper to the wooden frame back and chose not to use the glass that came with it.

There are lots of lovely and inspiring ideas from our DT of how to incorporate wax into your projects over on the blog. Hop across and checkout their posts and can't wait to see what you create!

Ruth x

Monday, 5 February 2018

Bobbin Book at PaperArtsy

Hi everyone, I always get excited when I have a post over on the PaperArtsy blog and tonight I'm sharing a little labour of love. I've made a mini book from a wooden reel that I've had in my stash and as serendipity would have it I'm combining some of the new Seth Apter paints (Set 3) with Alison Bomber's wonderful word plates.....I 'reely' enjoyed making this!

 Butter, Double Denim, Magic Moss and Blue Lagoon work beautifully together.

Hop across to the PaperArtsy blog for lots of photos. 

Lastly, I'm hoping this fits the bill for the February mini album makers challenge, it's on a spool but it's still a handmade book of sorts and it's certainly mini....

Thanks for stopping by. Ruth x

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Off to Collage at Stamps and Stencils!

Hi everyone, Cec is our lovely host for this months challenge... here's what she wants us to do.

'No I am not sending you to school but thought it might be fun this month to make a collage.  You can use any substrate such as canvas, corrugated cardboard, wood, or canvas boards for instance and add any items to it as long as you include some stamping and/or stenciling.'

So I've created a little wall hanging in vintage tones, with lots of layers.

'Collage  - a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing'.

I've gone for a slightly different take on this and  decided to go down the using up scraps route and make a collaged background. Taking a cue from Cec, I had a piece of cardboard lying on my desk and that's where I started. Tweezers to rip a few holes in the base and then I've glued down some book text.

Layering all sorts of scraps as a backdrop and then I decided the focal point would be a small photo frame with something in this stage I wasn't sure what though!

As all the items I was using were neutral tones, I decided to keep to that colour theme and just use a little gesso to tie them together. Lots of dry brushing on the outer edges and a little more centrally. I masked off the framed area so that when I added the image it would stand out.

Love how dry brushing highlights all the texture. Add in some micro beads (art stones), grunge paste through a stencil and the main image (Crafty Individuals) stamped on tissue before gluing down.

Love this effect, it gives such depth to the piece and because it is straight over the collaged elements it fits in perfectly. Some stamping in potting soil archival and paint splats.

More dry brushing in shades of brown (toffee, chocolate pudding and stone) to highlight the texture.

The frame was altered by covering with book text, adding 2 layers of clear UTEE and a tickle of treasure gold.

I enjoyed doing this so much I want to do another one!

Hope you'll join in with our challenge and if you need more inspiration hop across and see the wonderful samples from our very talented creative team! Happy creating! Ruth x